Explore unique charm of the region of Adriatic coast and neighbouring countries.


Serbia, beautiful country situated in the middle of the Balkans is the land where east and west, modern and rural meet. The North of this interesting country is marked by the Pannonian plain, rivers, forests and meadows, and the South by mountains, lakes and beautiful rivers which are the centre of outdoor activities in Serbia. This is the land of contrast where you can have wild nightlife in the capital city of Belgrade or just drink Rakija and enjoy nature sights and relax. Serbia’s young, European-minded population brings a bubbling energy to its bars, cafés and clubs, producing an adrenaline-charged nightlife unmatched anywhere else in the Balkans. This is the country of contrast with huge tourist potential where, on one side you can find the epic EXIT festival in Novi Sad and enjoy the cultural Austro – Hungarian heritage of Subotica, drink excellent wine in rural estates of Sremski Karlovci or just visit Serbian Orthodox monasteries and preserved thermal spas from the Roman times. Serbia, the land of huge potential, extraordinary food, cultural sights and wild parties is waiting for you.

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