Explore unique charm of the region of Adriatic coast and neighbouring countries.


Slovenia is the land of natural diversity and the perfect destination for nature lovers. Situated between the Julian Alps, Mediterranean Sea and Pannonian Plain, united by snowy mountain peaks, water springs , World’s most captivating Postojna Cave, Soča valley with turquoise water of river Soča and exquisite architecture of the capital city of Ljubljana is a wonderful base for many different tours.

This land can offer hiking, skiing, cycling, rafting on the fast river Soča, you name it, Slovenia is heaven for all the sports. You can inhale the energy of the trees, relax by the water, try rich menus in 1 of the 24 culinary regions made by best chefs or drink wine from 3 different wine regions.

Half of the country is covered by forests which makes Slovenia the third most forested country in Europe, after Finland and Sweden. The most important protected areas are: Triglav National Park, Škocjanske caves, which were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We invite you not only to enjoy outdoor activities, if you seek for adrenaline and active vacation but also to relax in greenery that is created by the big forest surface. After a day full of adventurous moments take some time to have a romantic evening on the beautiful lake of Bled or just lay in the sun in one of the tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast – Portorož and Piran.

If you want to explore the green heart of Europe, whether you enjoy nature, outdoor activities or culture you will find beauty and unique personalized experiences everywhere you go.

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